Lunch by the Qutub with Dramz Delhi!

British music, historical Qutub, Lavish interiors and sassy outdoor space with the most amazing view of the Qutub! That’s how it is like to  have lunch at Dramz! Lunch by the Qutub at Dramz is experiential and is a must visit for tourists, history, food and wine lovers. You have an option to sit at


As a foreigner when I visited Dramz for the first time, I was fascinated beyond imagination. Just as finding that one perfect place gives oodles of satisfaction to travellers, that’s how I felt at Dramz! Now let me explain you why: The multi-cuisine menu, organic ingredients, the good quality of products, chef’s passion and obviously


Winters, wine and the Qutub with Live Jazz. Yes, that’s our Sunday brunch. The most warm and happy memories are often complemented by cool breeze, good friends and a gorgeous view! Whether you want to soak up the sun on a winter afternoon or enjoy a chilly evening with a beer, our Sunday brunch is

My Love Affair With Food

Lately, all I have been thinking of, is my relationship with FOOD. This is partly, I think, because I just finished my recent “diet” where I seriously limited my intake of some of my favorite foods like pizza and chocolate. I was on this so called Keto diet where you are supposed to eat protein

Friday Fun Facts!

Did you know… If you lay all the Peri Peri sold in 2012 you would get from the most Southern Nando’s in the UK (Plymouth) to the most Northern Nando’s in the UK (Aberdeen). The amount of Peri Peri sold in the month of July 2013 is enough to serve the entire population of Mozambique,


Have you at any point been told that you’re using food as a substitute for love? Have you ever felt guilty about this? Or, on the other hand do you reach out for food when love is not available? If yes, we have good news. This strategy is not as bad as you think. Truth


We’ve all had that friend who disappears for a month, only to emerge minus ten pounds. Or the friend who gets hitched and then develops a big belly. Food and love are inexorably linked to each other, thanks to a complex hormonal reaction that affects our emotional attachments to loved ones — and our need