The food at Dramz is an exquisite experience. The intriguing menu put together by our Chef and his team concentrates equally on vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, bar-special bites, and mains. Also, it offers a selection of scrumptious international cuisine. Needless to say all this is complemented by a whole array of superb beverage menu that sets the mood for a memorable experience. With the world’s finest collection of wines, whiskeys and mocktails on the bar menu, at Dramz you will find everything that your heart desires!

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When you first come to Dramz, the first question you can always expect is, ‘Where would you like to sit? You will know what I actually mean when you actually visit the place. Here at Dramz, we work on a philosophy of serving you the best as per your STYLE and REQUIREMENTS! Each floor has made with a different style and finesse and you can choose to sit where you like it the most! Whether it’s the Whisky lounge, the high-end restaurant on the first floor or the terrace facing the QUTUB, your experience at DRAMZ is going to be awe-inspiring! So, what’s your answer going to be?

The Whisky lounge on the ground floor is what we pride ourselves the most on! Lined with an imposing collection of rare, limited-edition whiskies, some single casks and an array of interesting antique bar props, it instantly takes you on a whirlwind tour of various traditional bars across the globe.

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Despite Dramz being in the heart of the capital, it has not dithered the restaurant from going all out on the organic front. As far as possible it is the management’s endevour to prepare every meal using organically-grown vegetables from their small farm by the side of the restaurant. Their farming technique aims to maximise yield through natural crop rotations and simply keep weeds and pests down to a manageable level, rather than being trigger happy with chemical sprays. Occasionally the restaurant also sources food from reputed vendors. Our dining options include selection of Indian, mediterranean and continental cuisine including an open air barbecue terrace boasting of some of the best views of Qutub Minar.

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