Have you at any point been told that you’re using food as a substitute for love? Have you ever felt guilty about this? Or, on the other hand do you reach out for food when love is not available? If yes, we have good news. This strategy is not as bad as you think. Truth be told, it makes perfect sense. Many theorists and university professors have in fact also believe so!

As we grow older, our nervous system becomes more complex, we have a fascinating way of re-creating and evolving this experience of food as love. For many of us, we’ve been given, as children, rewards whenever we’ve done something good. Mostly, that reward is food. Perhaps your grandmother showed her love by cooking or feeding you. Or perhaps it was someone else.

And maybe even the first time you went out on a date, you ate at a restaurant. Courtship and romance so often occur at the FOOD table. Candles, low lighting, music – love is in the air, and love is in the food.
If you’ve ever given food to someone who’s hungry or homeless, you most likely had the experience of feeling love.
We simply cannot escape the beautiful reality that food is love, and love is food.

Of course it can become problematic as well. If we feel lonely, if you don’t have a special someone in our life, or if things are difficult in your relationship – it’s easy and often natural to reach for food as a substitute for love, because it makes us feel better, Umm, BUT that is not how it should be!

When we lose this secret understanding that food is love, then it becomes quite possible for humans to begin to manufacture food that has no love in it, umm yes. I’m talking about junk food, I’m talking about food that’s directly engineered to get you addicted to it. I’m talking about food that’s grown and produced with toxic chemistry. I’m talking about animals that are treated miserably. I’m talking about companies that knowingly put toxic chemicals. All these loveless food can put you in danger.

Love would never guide us to produce toxic foods and sell at a massive profit that destroys our children, our environment, our future and present.

These days, we need a lot more understanding about food

And when we truly love food, it magically loves us back.

From there, so much healing is possible.

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