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As a foreigner when I visited Dramz for the first time, I was fascinated beyond imagination. Just as finding that one perfect place gives oodles of satisfaction to travellers, that’s how I felt at Dramz!

Now let me explain you why:

The multi-cuisine menu, organic ingredients, the good quality of products, chef’s passion and obviously the opulent interiors clubbed with the historical view, made my experience the one of a lifetime.
In India, I was always afraid of having a meal that’s too spicy and not authentic. Dramz was the first restaurants that satiated my tastebuds by offering me food that tasted European from its heard and soul.

Now let me give you a brief about the interiors of the property.

The environment at Dramz has a very positive vibe about it. When you enter, the look and feel reminds you of Ritz Carlton hotel. The Imperial cafe on the first floor has a very quirky look with traditional British touch to it. Their terrace is fascinating with candlelights and linens spread on the table.
Also, then there’s the rooftop, that’s where we sat, sitting here (if you manage to get a seat ) is like spending time in heaven. You will know what I mean when you see the place for yourself!

I highly recommend you to visit Dramz on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you Dramz! Looking forward to more Dramz experiences!

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